Welcome to Landscape and Geodiversity!


Landscape and Geodiversity is an international journal devoted to all branches of geography and related sciences. This journal is committed to publishing innovative and original research from around the world and across the whole spectrum of physical and socio-economic sciences that have an explicit geographical/spatial component, in particular in the next major areas:

  • Landscape and geodiversity perception
  • Landscapes, ecosystems, and environment
  • Environmental protection
  • Landscape and geodiversity management
  • Landscape, geodiversity and sustainable socio-economic development
  • Regional identity through landscape and geodiversity
  • Landscape and geodiversity for tourism
  • Geodiversity, landscape and education
  • Geodiversity and the development of territorial systems
  • Geodiversity, landscape and the socio-economic development

In addition to research papers Landscape and Geodiversity publishes reviews as well as shorter articles in the form of research notes, commentaries, and reports.