The papers must be in English or French (title, key words, abstract, body text, bibliography). Maximum number of pages allowed for the full paper is 10 pages.

How to edit:

Program: Microsoft Word

Page Setup: Academic (Custom size): Width =17, Height =23.5

Margins: left 2 cm; right 2 cm; top 1,5 cm; bottom 1,5 cm; gutter: 0 cm; header: 1,25 cm; footer: 1,4 cm (applied for the entire document).

Font: Times New Roman, size 11, single lined.

Title: capitals size 12, Bold.

2 empty lines

Key words:

size 10, Bold, maximum 6 key words, in English, size 10, italic

1 empty line


Abstract title, size 10, Bold-italic followed by abstract (size 10, italic, maximum 15 lines).

Abstracts text and the key words must be aligned as justified at 1.5 cm from the margins previously set.

2 empty lines

Body text:

Times New Roman, size 11; paragraph: 1 cm; single line-spaced;

The paper will have an even number of pages, the figures and tables, together with their explanation, being inserted into the text. The explanations for figures and tables may be in Romanian and in the language of the abstract. Explanations will be placed centered, under the figures and explanations for tables will be placed above the tables, aligned to the left.

2 empty lines


centered, capitals, bold, size 11.

1 empty line

Titles in bibliography: size 10, regular, in alphabetic order of the authors, in the following succession: author (authors), year of publication (in round brackets), title (italic), volume, publishing house, town, numbers of quoted pages.